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Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) Program

Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) Program

The ARD program exists to give certain offenders the chance to earn an expungement of their criminal charges. If accepted into the program, Lebanon County Probation supervises the offender until the complete of the program’s conditions.

How do I enter ARD?

To enter the program, an offender or his attorney must submit an application to the District Attorney’s Office. If accepted, the District Attorney’s office schedules a placement date to begin the ARD program. 

The ARD application can be found on this page and/or at the District Attorney’s Office.

Applications may be faxed – (717) – 272-0839 – or mailed to the office care of Crystal Leedom, the ARD coordinator.

What is the benefit of ARD?

If an offender successfully completes the ARD program, the offender may file a motion to dismiss the criminal charges. Once dismissed the charges can also be expunged from the offender’s criminal history.

Who is eligible to apply for ARD?

Anyone may apply for ARD. The District Attorney’s Office retains full discretion over eligibility requirements and will review each case on its individual merits. Input from both law enforcement and any victims of the case are also given strong consideration.

Specific Types of ARD

ARD is often an option for first-time DUI offenders. The offender must schedule a CRIN evaluation as part of his or her ARD application. Questions on DUI ARD can be referred to Jennifer Whitman and/or Crystal Leedom.

Domestic Violence ARD exists to try and address interfamily needs and concerns once criminal charges are filed. If an offender has drug, alcohol, anger, and/or mental health issues, components of the program require appropriate evaluations and treatment. The goal of Domestic Violence ARD is to find the root of
the underlying issue, treat it, and better the family dynamic overall.