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Welcome to the Lebanon County Domestic Relations Office

Welcome to the Lebanon County Domestic Relations Office

Lebanon County and City Building

Where children and families come first! It is the mission of the Lebanon County Domestic Relations Office to ensure families get the financial and medical support they need. Our Office is here to answer any questions you may have about parentage, financial or medical support.

Important Information

The Domestic Relations Office does not handle custody matters. Custody matters can be directed to a private attorney, MidPenn Legal Services, or by contacting the Lebanon County Bar Association.

Lebanon County Bar Association 

MidPenn Legal Services 

PA Courts Guide to Custody

If you Suspect that a child is being abused or neglected, call Childline at 1-800-932-0313

Domestic Relation Services

Our office will ensure that Parentage is established for any child/children where support is sought after if an Acknowledgement of Parentage has not been signed.
If you are seeking to establish parentage for a child and you are not the natural mother, you may file the Complaint listed below.
Important: You must have the name, date of birth and address of the child. Mother and child must residing in Lebanon County to file Complaint to Establish parentage.

Complaint to Establish Parentage
Request an Acknowledgement Form
To file for support, the child/children must reside with you. You can file several ways for support:
 •    Appear in our office during business hours to meet with an Intake Officer. 
 •    You can file through e-services on the child support website; or 
 •    Fill out the Application for Support that is shown below. 
If you wish to fill out the Application for Support, the Application, along with any documents that are listed in the “Information to Bring” document, should be provided at the same time to our office.
Types of Cases our office handles:
 •    Child Support
 •    Spousal Support
 •    APL (Alimony pendente lite) – Divorce must be filed.
 •    Intergovernmental (clients residing out of the county or state)

Application for Support – English
Application for Support – Spanish
Information to Bring when filing for support - English
Information to Bring when filing for support - Spanish 
Lost your job? Had an accident that leaves you without work? Change in custody? You can file a Petition for Modification to help you with offsetting your support order. To file a Petition you can do it in one of the following ways:
 •    Appear in our office during business hours to meet with an Intake Officer.
 •    You can file through e-services on the child support website; or
 •    Fill out the Petition for Modification form shown below.
If you wish to fill out the form below this can be dropped off in our office by coming in person, email or mailing it to: 400 S 8th St, Rm 202, Lebanon, PA 17042.
Important: If you are medically unable to work, please also have the Physician’s Verification Form filled out by your attending physician.

Petition for Modification
Physician’s Verification Form
Unreimbursed medical expenses (bills) can be collected and enforced through our office. There are certain procedures that must be followed PRIOR to our office enforcing them. Parties should attempt to work these out privately before submitting bills to our office. Please see the policies below and the paperwork required to submit these requests. Please contact us with any questions.

Medical Bill Policy and Procedures - English
Medical Bill Policy and Procedures - Spanish
Medical Bill Summary Form
Additional Medical Bill Summary
If you want to make a payment, please see the options listed below. 

Available payment Methods
Available payment Methods - Spanish
SCDU Payment Coupon

If you are receiving payments and wish to set up direct deposit, or need help with your current support card see form and link below. If you are having issues with payments, please contact PA SCDU at (877) 727-7238.

Way2Go Card
Direct Deposit Form

If you previously had a Contempt conference or hearing and have been advised to submit paperwork to our office by the next Court date, please see the forms listed below. It is important that this paperwork be submitted for your conference or hearing.

Income & Expense Form – English
Income & Expense Form – Spanish
Ability to Pay Form – English
Ability to Pay Form – Spanish
Application for Counsel – English
Application for Counsel - Spanish

Have you been Ordered to job search? Please see the link for CareerLink to help you get started. Job Search Form should be filled out and be reported to our office.

PA CareerLink
Job Search Form – English
Job Search Form  Spanish