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Welcome to the Lebanon County Sheriff's Office

Welcome to the Lebanon County Sheriff's Office

Lebanon County Municipal Building

The Sheriff is an officer of the Courts whose responsibilities include service subpoenas, providing security in courtrooms and for transporting and securing prisoners to and from correctional facilities and issuing licenses to carry firearms.  

What Services do we provide?

Serve the Courts, Bench Warrants, Criminal Warrants, Protection from Abuse (PFA'S), Civil Process, Transport prisoners, extraditions, issue License to Carry Weapons, Real estate liens, levies and sales, assist local, State and Federal agents DA's Drug Task Force. Protect the Court, Municipal Building security and security for other County properties.


RealAuction.com is offering training for bidders on their platform. 

The training will be held on February 6th 2023 at 2PM EST. The registration for the training can be found at

https://www.realauction.com/training listed on that page as "Pennsylvania Realforeclose Bidder Training"

Alternatively, contact customerservice@realauction.com or call (877) 361-7325 to register for the training.  Our Sheriff Sale list will now only be available on www.realauction.com.  The site will always be updated and current. 

ATTENTION – NEW AND RENEWAL APPLICANTS License to Carry Concealed (firearms)

Applicants will be allowed to enter the rear main doors (7th St. side) only.

Applicants will be taken from  8:00 am until 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

You will need your Completed Application, SP 4-127, front and back, your Photo Driver’s License and $20 - cash, check or money order.

You can now apply on line at: https://lebanonpa.permitium.com/ccw/start

- EFFECTIVE MARCH 14, 2022, our office will no longer be accepting OUT OF STATE LICENSE TO CARRY.  EXCEPTIONS will be ACTIVE MILITARY, ASSIGNED TO LEBANON COUNTY and out of state residents who OWN properties in Lebanon County.