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Historical MarkerFormed on February 16, 1813 from Dauphin and Lancaster counties. Names for old Lebanon Township originally created 1729. Lebanon County seat is dated from 1740. Early settlers began the building of a rich agricultural religious heritage. Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission 1981.

Historical Marker is displayed in front of the
Lebanon County-City Municipal Building
Lebanon, Pennsylvania

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Memorial Lake
Geographic Setting

Located in the northeastern United States, Lebanon County is within 240 km. of Washington D.C., New York City, and Philadelphia. Our county has an area of 940 square kilometers and, in 1990, supported 113,744 people.

Union Canel Tunnel
Historical Sketch


On February 16, 1813, the legislature created Lebanon County, as it now stands, from parts of Lancaster and Dauphin Counties.

Courthouse Bell and Plaque
Artifacts Dedicated At The Courthouse

John and Marie Wengert describe themselves as auction addicts. Because they are, a part of Lebanon County history has been preserved for future generations. The Wengerts' generosity and that part of county history were honored in a ceremony at the County-City Municipal Building in the 400 block of South Eighth Street with donations of artifacts around the Lebanon County courthouse.