Core Membership of the LCCJAB may include but is not limited to the following departments:

  • A Judge of the Court of Common Pleas
  • A County Commissioner
  • The District Attorney
  • The Chief Public Defender
  • The Court Administrator
  • The County Administrator
  • The Warden
  • The Administrator of MH/ID/EI
  • The Executive Director of Drug & Alcohol
  • The Executive Director of Children & Youth
  • The Director of Probation Services
  • County Police Chiefs Representative
  • The Sheriff
  • Veterans Justice Outreach Representative
  • Director of Domestic Relations
  • Offender Reentry Coordinator
  • Executive Director of Domestic Violence Intervention

Currently, the following individuals serve as Core Members of the LCCJAB:

John C. Tylwalk
President Judge, Court of Common Pleas

Robert Phillips
County Commissioner

Pier Hess Graf
District Attorney and Chair of the LCCJAB

Megan Tidwell
Chief Public Defender

Stephanie Axarlis
Court Administrator

Jamie A. Wolgemuth
County Administrator

Tina Litz
Warden, Lebanon County Correctional Facility

Holly Leahy
Administrator, MH/ID/EI and Vice Chair of the LCCJAB

James Donmoyer
Executive Director, Drug & Alcohol Commission

Erin Moyer
Director, Children & Youth

Audrey Fortna
Director of Probation Services

Jonathan Hess
County Police Chiefs Representative

Jeffrie C. Marley

Carla Cyr
Veterans Justice Outreach Specialist

Michael Anderson
Domestic Relations Director

Offender Reentry Coordinator

LeAnne Burchik
Executive Director, Domestic Violence Intervention

Karen Raugh

Executive Director, Lebanon County Housing Authority

John P. Shott*

CJAB Planner/DUI Coordinator

                      *Non-voting member